Principal’s Message

What is one’s belief about education? Does one believes that certain things are sacrosanct and cannot be changed and must remain the same or should one evolve with times? I think the latter. If we believe that teaching, curriculum etc. should be student centric , then we must be dynamic. We must change with the changing times to keep pace with the future generation. At SSRVM, DHENKANAL, that is our endeavour.
We provide education that is a beautiful synergy of the traditional and modern. We believe in unearthing the latent talents of students and providing them the 21st Century Skills to succeed in the world no matter what they choose to be.

We believe education is not so much about ‘ putting in ‘ than ‘bringing out’. What is required is within you. We are facilitators who help students identify and maximize their potential.

Abhishek Harit
Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir
Sri Sri Vihar, NH -55, Badasathiabatia
Dhenkanal-759001, Odisha, India
7978254202, 9438328139, 6371751055, 7978394375